What To Do When You Realize Your Website Is Unprepared For A Crisis

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What To Do When You Realize Your Website Is Unprepared For A Crisis

The Problem

“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.” ― Idowu Koyenikan

The rapid and disruptive nature of COVID-19 created a mad dash for digital teams across the world, making it practically impossible to operate with normalcy. Commercial, institutional and government sites across the globe are slowing down, glitching, and even crashing due to the influx of users and site engagements. Many state unemployment agencies have been unable to provide much-needed financial assistance to its citizens due to technological inefficiencies. A disturbing amount of platform back-ends and technology stacks are lacking the flexible infrastructure to support remote or work-from-home needs, resulting in a severe failure of current business, sales, and engagement models.

With your company’s internal resources stretched to their limits keeping your website afloat, you’ll have been asked to set aside many of your previous KPIs and business goals indefinitely, creating missed opportunities to communicate and engage with your users, customers, and audiences.

While we won’t always be dealing with a worldwide health pandemic, COVID-19 has revealed significant weaknesses within the unprepared infrastructure of many commercial websites. Whether it be a PR crisis, hacks, natural disaster, or a spike in product demand, with the proper solutions in place, you’ll be able to spend less time putting out fires and more time getting ahead of the competition and accomplishing your goals on schedule. These situations require a broad solution to tackle all potential scenarios.

The Solution

“There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” ― Stephen King

Brands must work to develop and adopt technology and scenario plans that are ready to activate at a moment’s notice. As proven over these past months, having these scenarios in place will ensure that your company keeps running at full potential, even when the world isn’t. Below, you’ll find a short but comprehensive list of best practices to keep your business prepared, productive,  and on-track before and throughout the next pandemic.

  1. Hold discovery sessions where you can create intuitive “what if’” scenarios that may directly impact your brand as well as your digital platforms, then brainstorm the most effective and efficient ideal solutions to keep your website running.
  2. Create comprehensive preplanned workflows that will lay out the step-by-step process towards activating those solutions once a scenario has occurred. This ensures that your digital management team knows precisely which steps to take if things go unplanned.
  3. Audit and evaluate your entire digital platform (and related modules), road mapping any potential feature migration, or upgrades to align with our created solutions, ensuring that your website is fully prepared for all scenarios. This may include exploring/investing in new technology. You can also begin to get your staff trained on those platforms to reduce downtime in the event a situation occurs.
  4. Keep a digital agency partner on call to help you with your digital needs. Many partners can help your team execute all of the above best practices, ensuring a prepared, protected, and efficient digital platform 24/7.

At Isovera, we offer a program called a Maintenance Success Plan, which helps bridge marketing and IT with an on-call dedicated team of specialists to provide ongoing support and maintenance. Our team acts as an extension of your current team, even when nightmare scenarios occur. Organizations like the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and Tufts University leveraged Isovera’s on-call experts and Success Plans to build efficient digital pandemic responses that create successful communication and engagement models.

By providing our clients with these services, they don’t have to worry about disaster scenarios and instead, they can stay focused on business KPIs and goals.

Learn more about how we help teams solve their problems of today, while fueling tomorrow’s growth by contacting our team today.


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