Digital Content Strategy: Supercharge Your Higher-Ed Marketing


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Digital Content Strategy: Supercharge Your Higher-Ed Marketing

Marketing teams are expected to pivot digital content strategies practically in real time.

With the breakout of COVID-19, the digital department at a prominent university was responsible for sharing a torrent of information with their students, faculty, and staff. With digital information, marketing teams are expected to make changes practically in real time and Isovera was tasked with developing a  strategy around how to build and create a solid information architecture and user experience.

Specializing in higher education website projects, Isovera focused on the varied user groups and user journeys overnight. By providing direction around content strategy and information display, the Isovera team enabled the university to create a targeted information website campaign around the virus.

The digital department was able to disseminate emergency information, and launch a microsite of hundreds of frequently asked questions the university’s:

  • 11 colleges
  • 12,000 undergrad and graduate students
  • 1,500 faculty members
  • 3,500 staff members

With Isovera ONE you gain on-demand access to a team of experts in their fields as a partner, ready to step in at a moment’s notice. By utilizing an Isovera ONE success plan, this university was able to quickly pivot projects and resources, allowing them to efficiently address a shifting information landscape without the need for additional budget.

Isovera ONE success plans are flexible, cost effective, digital service plans that allow you the freedom to move your business forward. Bring on a high performing team of Partners, VPs, directors and technologists for the cost of a single hire so you can tackle today’s problems and plan for the future.

Learn more about Isovera ONE and how supercharge your marketing.

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