Think Like A Partner. Perform Like A Champion.

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Think Like A Partner. Perform Like A Champion.

Champion Speciality Services is a strategic partner to industrial, commercial, infrastructure, nuclear, and environmental industries. Their annual Leadership Conference is a staple event that helps support those efforts, bringing together the entire company for a few days of lectures, insights, comradery… and a great time!


Champion has been hosting its Leadership Conference over the last four years, and this year, the Isovera team was lucky to be a part of it.


For the Isovera team, it was a privilege to immerse ourselves in Champion’s world, get an even deeper understanding of their history, share success stories about multiple projects, celebrate their culture, and get first-hand insights into the Leadership team’s vision for the future.


In addition to meeting our clients face-to-face, the Isovera team also had an opportunity to network with other professionals in Champion’s industry (vendors and suppliers), stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in the field, and gain valuable insights into our client’s priorities and strategies outside the marketing “bubble”. Our team also had the opportunity to share the stage with Champion’s Business Development team and introduce our partnership (and work) to a larger audience within the company.


This level of interaction – whether formally presenting on-stage or informally sharing a meal together – helps us build stronger relationships with our clients, create fresh ideas, and contribute in ways outside the typical business setting. And it’s a way of working that sets us (and our work) apart.


Isovera's Marivi, Heather, and Katie sharing the stage with Champion


Transactions vs Relationships

Being a part of this conference gave Isovera the opportunity to emphasize our role as true partners. Lots of marketing agencies can build websites and execute upon a client’s direction, but only through a deeply immersive partnership can an agency truly play a strategic “value add” role for clients… and this conference marked a great, live opportunity to share those results.


Reactive vs Proactive

Participating with our clients at a deeper level means picking up on things, and seeing things, that we otherwise wouldn’t during usual meetings and conversations. The more we participate, the more we learn, the more proactive we become for clients, and that’s a huge measuring stick as Isovera: bringing thoughts, ideas and solutions to clients beforethey ask (or even consider them) – whether it’s producing new thought leadership content to post on LinkedIn, or targeting a critical audience through a more focused campaign.


What’s next?

Champion’s Leadership Conference was another way to deepen understanding of our client’s needs, showcase our expertise, and foster an even stronger, productive and collaborative working relationship.


Being part of this conference left the team energized and excited to dive in to our 2024 strategy with Champion. It’s the way we love to work – and a way to create even better solutions, with Champion, in 2024 and beyond.


Isovera and Champion Conference



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