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Brand Evolution &
Website Redesign

What we did

Kopin was looking to reinvigorate their brand to help achieve their new CEO’s business strategy to move up the value chain and be seen as an expert application-specific solutions partner, not just a maker of off-the-shelf display products. The company needed a new brand story, messaging, identity and platform – and a strategy to communicate that to customers, investors and employees.


New Brand Story & Messaging

Based on a series of customer and stakeholder interviews and in-depth industry and competitive research, we developed a new vision, mission, values and tagline, “Vision Beyond Imagination,” that stayed true to the company’s history of innovation but positioned them as a more human- and customer-centric company.

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New Visual Identity

We updated Kopin’s logo, color scheme and font, honoring their heritage while modernizing the company and ensuring it stood out from the competition. The new logo updated its old identity with the addition of circular symbols that represented the company’s deep commitment to the end user, its role in bringing multiple data points into focus, and the breadth of its innovations.

We kept a dark blue color to nod to their original color and respected history but added a lighter blue to give them the feel of a modern tech company. The new font is modern and easy to read – important for a company whose business is enhancing vision.

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The event was a huge success for Kopin both internally and externally. Everyone was so very proud of the new branding and incredibly excited about the “new” Kopin. The digital assets in the event space at NASDAQ looked fantastic....Thank you for your hard work, brilliance, and patience with us."

— Lisa Safran, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

New Brand Platform

To reflect Kopin’s focus on application-specific solutions, we highlighted the end user in a dynamic new brand platform that we rolled out across video, trade shows, social, sales collateral and other assets – including out-of-home in Times Square for the company’s big bell-ringing event. Where previously the company focused on product imagery, we showed the user and end benefit of their solutions for surgeons, pilots, field workers, soldiers and everyday consumers.

We leveraged 3D animation and AI to enhance stock video and photography, and even create scenarios that didn’t exist yet for their new products.

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The Website

We updated Kopin’s content structure and sitemap that paved the way for a comprehensive expansion, effectively doubling the site’s content while seamlessly integrating a new ‘Markets and Applications’ section tailored to diverse user interests.

Our strategic approach continued with the implementation of a custom WordPress Content Management System (CMS), featuring easy-to-manage and scalable custom posts. This empowered our team to effortlessly update and expand the extensive content repository.

Moreover, our wireframes and design ethos prioritized mobile usability, ensuring seamless navigation and optimal viewing experiences across devices. Meticulous attention to typography and interactions further elevated the user experience, culminating in a website that solidified Kopin’s position as an industry leader.

Kopin 1 Website




Form Submits

15% Lower Bounce Rate

Than Industry Average

We came to Mighty Union with the goal of designing and developing a corporate website that reflected our new brand. Isovera was able to accommodate our very tight deadline, and stay on track and on task throughout the process. We worked with competent team members at Mighty Union who were experts in their subject matter areas. Everyone was very responsive to our comments and questions. We felt confident in Mighty Union’s ability to deliver a solid end product which is now the face of our company.”

— Lisa Safran, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager


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