Ten Free Tools for Marketers



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Ten Free Tools for Marketers

Our team’s Top Ten list of free marketing tools and services!

1. Pixabay – free without attribution images

What it offers: Pixabay is a website that offers free-without-attribution photos, vectors, icons, images.

What it’s great for: finding images to use on blogs or social media.

Visit Pixabay now!

2. Lumen5 – free copy-to-video

What it offers: Lumen5 is a website that offers free simple video with text creation. The free version offers a lightweight plan with video, sound, and images, whereas the paid version offers more customizations & new features (like adding a logo, creating a set color scheme, access to premium images).

What it’s great for: turning text and image case studies into video case studies.

Visit Lumen5 now!

3. Canva – free collateral design & creation

What it offers: Canva is a design tool used to create flyers, infographics, and more. Designs made in Canva are great for digital or print use!

What it’s great for: creating infographics, postcard sized mailers, and even bingo cards!

Visit Canva now!

4. Smart Mockups – free design mockup software

What it offers: Smart mockups is a software that allows you to create visual mockups of images on top of items. Often, this can be helpful for logo mockups or advertising (such as putting an image of your product on a picture that has a billboard).

What it’s great for: making multi-device screen mockups, where there’s a phone, tablet, and computer all showing the homepage of a website in different size dimensions.

Visit Smart Mockups now!

Free Platform Tools For Marketers on a Budget

5. Hubspot CRM – free CRM

What it offers: Hubspot CRM offers, among other things, a “single source of truth” for keeping track of correspondence & storing contacts & data. It’s also highly integratable, which is a major win!

What it’s great for: to store and sort contacts, to keep a record of past interactions and correspondence, to use as a pipeline for incoming leads & leads to nurture.

Visit Hubspot now!

6. Medium – free blogging platform

What it offers: Medium is a free platform for blogging, used to write and share articles. While many companies have their own blog, if you’re not able or willing to commit, sometimes Medium can be used in place of a company blog.

What it’s great for: gaining publicity, or driving Medium’s blog traffic to the company blog page could be used instead of a blog on your webpage.

Visit Medium now!

7. Mozbar – free SEO analysis

What it offers: Mozbar (offered by SEO software company Moz) is a browser addon that shows link metrics for pages and domains, such as Domain Authority score, Page Authority, and number of backlinks. This information helps you determine how your website is ranking in terms of SEO and compare your rankings to peers.

What it’s great for: to review & compare the scores between peer agencies, industry leaders, and my agency’s websites to see how to improve SEO and see how a company’s site ranks.

Learn about Mozbar now!

8. Tweetdeck – free Twitter feed organizer

What it offers: Tweetdeck is a website that manages your twitter account and gives you the ability to bulk schedule tweets, aggregate posts about certain keywords, and organize your twitter account visually by feed (ie: a feed for messages; a feed for notifications; a feed for your profile; a feed for keywords)

What it’s great for: scheduling drumbeat content, content that isn’t time sensitive like services, or promotional content that needs to be sent out on a specific date/ time.

Visit Tweetdeck now!

Free Website Tools For Marketers on a Budget

9. Inspect – free website ‘element’

What it offers: Inspect is a tool that allows you to mock up what the website would look like if you did only this. What do I mean by that? I mean you can use inspect to play with a page’s dimensions, or change the code of a webpage to see what the page would look like with the new code. Changes made while using inspect don’t change the page’s actual code, so when you refresh the page, all edits will disappear. Unsure how to access inspect? Simply simultaneously press the keys ‘command + option + i’ or right click on a webpage and select on “inspect”.

What it’s great for: view a website by device, making screen grabs that fit specific dimensions, mocking up website tweaks.

Learn about ‘inspect’ now!

10. Google – free suite of tools

What it offers: Google is a monster – in a good way! With so many tools, it is an incredible way for marketers to leverage free tools to collect, analyze, and display data!

What it’s great for: Everything! Well, not everything, but it can be used for a lot! Use google analytics to monitor web traffic, identify key audiences, and track digital campaigns; use google studio to track website trends & present data; use google adwords to find key words and optimize content to be SEO friendly; use google alerts to see when your company is mentioned online.

Checkout more Google tools now!


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