If you are utilizing templates, you need to rethink your website strategy.


Web Development

If you are utilizing templates, you need to rethink your website strategy.

Humans by nature prefer order to chaos. We seek to make sense of our world through systems and categorization so we have a structured way to relate and interact. But what happens when something catches us off guard and we are forced to adjust and reevaluate our system? This require a broader way of thinking. Read on to learn why you should consider component-based design.

Web Development: Order from chaos

In the world of website development we can think of templates as one way to create order from chaos, taking elements and placing them within a defined field: image, caption, and copy all rolled into one. What happens when we need to swap an image for a video? Oftentimes templates are restrictive in their editing capabilities, not allowing for deviation. A different approach gaining traction with creative developers, and embraced by Isovera, is to organize information by component, creating building blocks (Legos of the developer world if you will) to allow for flexibility, efficiency and reusability.

Building 101: Think through use cases

Think of building a website like building a house. When you build a house based on a template, you predetermine the function of each room. Now, let’s say you need to switch a bedroom with a kitchen for a better view of the property. That’s a pretty big ask for a template given the functionality of those two rooms. Maybe you could make that template work, but I guarantee it will result in a bad user experience. Who wants the plumbing for a garbage disposal where their bed should go?

At Isovera we stand on two pillars: Ingenuity and Authenticity and use these as guiding principles for every challenge we embrace. Now let’s build that same house using a little ingenuity and component design. During our Discovery Phase we dig in with our clients, and begin to tease out use cases for various elements on your site. Using this approach gets clients, our developers, and designers together at the table sooner in the process, strategizing all possible use cases for each room, breaking them down into parts as opposed to the whole (think storage which could function as a closet or pantry depending on the room). Both bedrooms and kitchens share similarities, but the functionality is completely different. By dissecting the rooms into parts we now have the flexibility to build a kitchen where the bedroom once was without sacrificing experience.

Instead of a cookie cutter template, we are able to build a unique and authentic site that speaks directly to the needs of your user base. Design components can be coded once and then reused throughout the site. Once coded, each component will also behave the exact same way no matter where it appears. Instead of having a mobile template, a desktop template etc. you now have one set of building blocks to manage instead of many. This cuts down on development time, saves you money, increases efficiency and decreases the amount of time it takes to create new pages, no matter the content or device. If you ever felt the need for more control over your site, not having to reach out to your development team every time you need to make a change, component design is for you.

How does your website develop order from chaos?

If I’ve got you questioning your website development strategy, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can you easily create new pages, reusing, mixing and matching various elements in order to create new layouts?
  2. Does your website present a seamless user experience regardless of device type?
  3. How much time and money do you spend on developers when editing and creating new pages?

If you answered no to the first two questions and too much to the third, it’s time to evaluate your website’s structure.

In Conclusion

Component design is a fluid approach to ordering the chaos of website design and development. Sure, templates seem like the easy solution but will be a disservice for you in the long run. Don’t cram your brand into a square box when you need room to grow. You need a website that meets your needs both today and in the years to come. Through the lenses of Ingenuity and Authenticity, Isovera can help you create beauty from chaos today, tomorrow and into the future.


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