The Ultimate Shopping Guide: Gifts for Every Coworker


The Ultimate Shopping Guide: Gifts for Every Coworker

It’s that time of the year again. Your work decides to do a gift exchange, and you’re thinking, “oh great, another gift to add to my already long list.”

Plus, you don’t want to be the person who gives a bad gift like Donna from HR, who gifted Sarah, the marketing intern, a knitting starter kit. So you start racking your brain on what you should get.

Luckily for you, we created the ultimate shopping guide loaded with gift options for every type of coworker, from your forgetful coworker, happy hour coworker, OCD coworker, or the intern.

This guide will make your shopping a lot easier, quicker, and less stressful, so you can get back to binging Netflix or whatever you do in your free time.

Scroll on to see our top picks this holiday season.

The Forgetful Coworker: 1Password Gift Card

  • We all have that one coworker who is constantly forgetting everything, especially their passwords. With a 1Password subscription, you’ll make their life a whole lot easier, and you’ll give your ears a break from hearing them complain about forgetting their password for the 100th time this week. 1Password will remember all of their passwords while keeping their account information safe all in one place. 

The Constantly Stressed Coworker: Neck & Back Massager

  • It’s Monday morning, and your coworker is already stressed about the work week. They must post a new blog, review campaign data, and make a client presentation on Friday. Their world is coming crashing down before your eyes. Normally you would spend 30 minutes helping calm them down, but instead, you remember you gave them the Shiatsu Shoulder Electric Massager. You recommend they take 10 minutes to relax and regroup while getting a deep tissue kneading massage at the comfort of their desk. Afterward, they feel calm, clear-minded and jump right back into their work. 

The Musical Coworker: Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone 

  • There’s no better gift for your music-loving coworker than a wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone. This is a fun gift not only got your coworker but for the whole team. Karaoke could be great for a team-building activity or liven up the company holiday party by belting out your favorite Lizzo song. The options are endless when you through this gift into the mix. 

The Coffee Addict Coworker: Starbucks Gift Card

  • When it comes to coffee and your coffee-obsessed coworker, you can never go wrong with a gift card to Starbucks. Whether they’re heading to the office, shopping at Target, running late to pick up the kids, or just needing a midday espresso to get through the workday, there’s always a Starbucks close by. Trust us, they’ll love you for this simple yet life-saving gift. 

The On-The-Go Coworker: On-the-go Wireless Phone Charger

  • We wish we were like that coworker who always seems like they have something fun going on. One day they’re flying to Italy, the next day, they’re hiking, and the next they’re attending an exclusive event. Being constantly on the go can leave very little time for them to charge their phone, and they don’t have time for that inconvenience. Gift them an on-the-go wireless phone charger so no matter where they are, they’ll always have a fully charged phone.  

The Happy Hour Coworker: Everything Box

  • We can always count on that one coworker to hit us up during the day to grab drinks after work. And let’s get real, we count on them to give us something to look forward to at the end of the workday. With the Everything Box, your coworker can mix up some drinks at the drop of a hat (not at work), and if you’re feeling extra generous, you can pair it with their favorite cheese and crackers. 

The Active Coworker: Portable Desk Bike for Legs and Arms

  • Staying fit is important to most people, but then there’s that coworker who lives, eats, and breathes exercising. They’re the ones who go to the gym on their lunch break and do squats at their desk. The best gift for them is the portable under-design machine bike. They can work out their arms and legs right from the comfort of their desk, never having to skip a leg or arm day ever again. 

The Techy Coworker: Essential Electronics Toolkit

  • What do tech-savvy people love most? Electronics, of course, but they also love to ensure their electronics are in tip-top shape at all times. This repair kit comes equipped with everything one needs to work on a laptop, computer monitor, phone, or anything else you could think of. 

The Selfie Coworker: Phone Selfie Ring

  • Our selfie-loving friends are basically the social media influencers of the group. They don’t go anywhere without taking a selfie of their experience or showing how good they look that day. That’s why the clip-on selfie ring is a perfect gift for them. They can easily throw in their pocket and have flattering lighting with them at all times. 

The OCD Coworker: Vacuum Dust Cleaner

  • Oh, we love having at least one neat freak in the group. That’s because no matter what, they’ll always be there to clean up after the office birthday party, volunteer to help re-organize the filing system, and be your go-to for Lysol wipes. This mini vacuum cleaner will make them feel like the king or queen of the office, and we’re here for it!

The Intern: GrubHub Gift Card 

  • Let’s get real, most interns are broke and have been surviving off Ramen noodles. They probably don’t even bring lunch to work. Throw them a GrubHub gift card so they can enjoy a nice hot meal or a couple. They’ll be more productive during the workday, and they’ll love you for it.

If you follow this shopping guide you’ll have no issues. Good luck and happy holidays!


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